Successful training held

On 26th January, a successful training event was held by the Living Wage Foundation, on the lessons of the Heathrow Living Wage campaign.

In a two-hour session, organisers from the Living Wage Foundation took us through the work of West London Citizens in building the momentum necessary to turn Heathrow Airport into a London Living Wage employer.

Around thirty Oxford activists, representing unions, parties, churches, faith groups and workers attended, and began the work of applying the lessons to our city, and our campaign.

It is the first in a series of training sessions – join our campaign to be kept up to date of the upcoming activities.

You can make the change that you have the power to compel – Living Wage Foundation

One thought on “Successful training held

  1. Very good to hear how the London Living Wage £10.55 was won at Heathrow Airport. Congratulations to the Living Wage Foundation, UNITE but above all the low paid workers for their heroic victory.
    Now we need to do the same for Oxford!


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