For your branch

If you are part of a political party, a trade union, a charity or campaign, you may have a local branch which you can ask to support the Oxford Living Wage. If you live under a local authority, such as a Parish or District Council, you can ensure it is promoting the Oxford Living Wage in its area. You may want to take up the Oxford Living Wage as part of your Community Association, or as a member of a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or faith group.

The campaign can help you get your branch ready to support the Oxford Living Wage.

You can affiliate to the Oxford City Living Wage Campaign, and join the central fight for the Oxford Living Wage across the city. Members of your branch or group could attend Campaign meetings.

You could campaign for the area covered by your branch, parish or faith group to become an Oxford Living Wage Zone.

You could pass a motion in support of the Campaign, and donate.